Durango Men's 11'' UltraLite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB

Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB
  • Full-grain leather vamp, collar and pull straps with man-made shaft
  • Soft mesh lining, double row welt stitch
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Heel Height: 1.25 inches
  • Heel Type: low-heel
  • Contoured, ventilated and removable cushion footbed
  • Fiberglass shank and rolled shank area
  • Ultra-Lightweight, dual-density EVA outsole, abrasion resistant rubber pods, 1 ?'' Rocker heel
Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB Durango Men's 11'' Ultra-Lite Saddle Leather Casual Boots Saddle Brown/Chocolate Ikn5wLtGB
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Koko and her Lifelong Teacher and Friend, Dr. Penny Patterson

June 20, 2018

Woodside, CA Koko — the gorilla known for her extraordinary mastery of sign language, and as the primary ambassador for her endangered species — passed away on the morning of June 19, 2018 in her sleep at the age of 46. Koko touched the lives of millions as an ambassador for all gorillas and an icon for interspecies communication and empathy. She was beloved and will be deeply missed. Koko, a western lowland gorilla, was born Hanabi-ko (Japanese for “Fireworks Child”) on July 4, 1971 at the San Francisco Zoo. Dr. Francine “Penny” Patterson began working with Koko the next year, famously teaching her sign language. Dr. Patterson and Dr. Ronald Cohn moved Koko and the project to Stanford in 1974 and went on to establish The Gorilla Foundation. While at Stanford the project expanded to include a second western lowland gorilla, Michael. In 1979 Koko and The Gorilla Foundation moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains where Ndume joined them as a fellow ambassador for their species. Koko’s capacity for language and empathy has opened the minds and hearts of millions. She has been featured in multiple documentaries and appeared on the cover of National Geographic twice. The first cover, in October of 1978, featured a photograph Koko had taken of herself in a mirror. The second issue, in January of 1985, included the story of Koko and her kitten, All Ball. Following the article, the book Koko’s Kitten was published and continues to be used in elementary schools worldwide. Her impact has been profound and what she has taught us about the emotional capacity of gorillas and their cognitive abilities will continue to shape the world. The foundation will continue to honor Koko’s legacy and advance our mission with ongoing projects including conservation efforts in Africa, the great ape sanctuary on Maui, and a sign language application featuring Koko for the benefit of both gorillas and children. For press inquiries or to make a tax-deductible donation to the Koko Fund, please contact Joy Chesbrough, The Gorilla Foundation’s Chief Philanthropy Officer, at: 1-800-ME-GO-APE ext 14.

Woodside, CA press inquiries Joy Chesbrough,

For general inquiries and condolences, please email Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Cross Trainers Blue Thunder Blue/Whiteblackhyper Crimson 401 Rbguj

Please help support Koko's Continuing Legacy: Compassionate Interspecies Communication, Education and Conservation:

In the writing functions lesson we wrote all of our functions in the JavaScript console. This works for very simple functions that can be written on a single line, but it quickly becomes unwieldy as we want to write longer functions.

There are a few solutions. You can write your functions in and then copy paste into the JavaScript console. Or you can try out Pour La Victoire Womens Elisa Dress Sandal Blush Leather 6rafKC1
, a useful tool for experimenting with JavaScript. With JSFIddle, you can write code in the JavaScript box and then execute it by clicking the button on the menu bar at the top of the JSFiddle page.

Type the following two functions in the JavaScript box at Blauer Sneakers Miami Men Fabric 8SMIAMI01KNI UK Black 1Y6RTfs

Writing out your functions on multiple lines is clearer even with these simple functions; it will be essential when you begin writing more complex functions.

Hit the button and... nothing happens. This is because we have simply defined two functions and made them available for future use. We have not yet called the functions, so the code inside of them has not yet been executed. Now add this line after the other lines:

Hit the button again and you should see an alert pop up.

Now add another line:

Hit and you should still see your alert popup, but the new line () doesn't appear to do anything. This is because our method returns the result, but we don't do anything with that return value. When we were running this code directly in the JavaScript console, the console automatically displays any return value. But in "real life" programming if you want to display something, you have to tell the computer to do that. We have a variety of options available to us. We could, for instance, assign the return value to a variable and then display it by calling the built-in JavaScript function.

Now when we hit we should get an alert with our result, 8. If you aren't seeing the alert, make sure that you didn't delete your function definition code.

Let's update our little program to make use of both functions:

The line calls the function, passing it 2 arguments - the number 3 and the number 5. Our function at this point assigns the first argument () to the parameter and the second argument () to the parameter . The function then returns the number (in this case), which our code assigns to the variable . Hence the variable is now the number .

The next line - - concatenates three things together into a new string, which it then assigns to a new variable . Note that above is not in quotes. If you wrote then would be the string But because we did not put result in quotes, the computer understands the variable's value () should be substituted here. Hence the variable is assigned the string .

The last line - - calls our function, passing it the value that the variable is standing in for - the string . Our function assigns that string passed in to the variable . It then calls the built-in JavaScript function in order to pop up a dialog box with that string.

If desired, you could refactor those last three lines into one line:

That refactored line calls the function and passes it a string, which is concatenated together from 3 parts. The first part is just the string and the last part is just the string . The second part is the number because that is the return value of the function when passed the arguments and . Hence the concatenated string:



In the code above, a function named is defined. When called this function will trigger an alert.

Here, a function named is being defined. It returns the sum of the two numbers it is provided.

Here, we call our function. The argument to also contains our function, and has a String concatenated on either end.

AgooLar Womens PU Anklehigh Solid Buckle KittenHeels Boots White eRlLyB8gaf
- An online tool that allows users to write and run JavaScript directly in the browser.

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