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This is the interesting part. It’s easy enough to find instructions on how to give WordPress its own directory , but I couldn’t find any instructions on what to do if you already had WordPress installed in the root directory.

Here’s what you do:

(First, make backups of everything.)

root folder

Step 5 is the key. It tells WordPress to look to your subdirectory for how to display your entire website. Even though your old WordPress installation still exists in your root directory, it’s completely ignored since you’ve told WordPress to look at your subdirectory instead.

You do not have to edit your .htaccess file. If you were only installing WordPress in a subdirectory, and there was no WordPress installation ever in your root , then you would have to copy the .htaccess file from your subdirectory to your root. However, you already have an .htaccess file there, and there should be no reason to move or edit it.

do not

I hope all of that made sense! It took me a while to figure out this processon my own. I hope it will help someone else.

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Hah, I never would have guessed it was as simple as putting the second install in a subdirectory and then pointing it at the root when you want to “go live”. So simple!

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Hi, this staging scenario is using the same DB for root current site and sub directory Staging site? The sub directory DB changes do not affect the Root DB use ? Just seems as though the DB changes for the Root would change from the sub directory changes. Obviously it works,,,, but,,, Why would changes from the sub directory not affect the Root ?

I’ve heard of using the Sub Domain approach, but it uses a new DB, importing the Files and DB from the current site. Once done, it’s the reverse. Name and save backups accordingly so you know what your working with.

So sub directory seems as logical. But shouldn’t it use a separate DB ?

Just trying to figure this DB thing out lol


May 27, 2018 at 10:21 am

Hi, They use different databases. When you install WP in the subdirectory, you create a new database for it there.

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abstract class NonEmpty [ +B ] extends Tree [B] with Womens Fashion Strappy Cut Out Back Zipper Flat Knee Gladiator Sandals red soft pu 0DN2TG

Tree [B], Serializable , Serializable , AnyRef, Any
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, RedTree
Learn more about member selection

Instance Constructors

Test two objects for inequality.

Test two objects for inequality.

true if !(this == that), false otherwise.

Equivalent to x.hashCode except for boxed numeric types and null .

Equivalent to except for boxed numeric types and . For numerics, it returns a hash value which is consistent with value equality: if two value type instances compare as true, then ## will produce the same hash value for each of them. For returns a hashcode where throws a .

a hash value consistent with ==

Test two objects for equality.

Test two objects for equality. The expression is equivalent to .

true if the receiver object is equivalent to the argument; false otherwise.

Cast the receiver object to be of type T0 .

Cast the receiver object to be of type .

Note that the success of a cast at runtime is modulo Scala's erasure semantics. Therefore the expression will throw a at runtime, while the expression will not. In the latter example, because the type argument is erased as part of compilation it is not possible to check whether the contents of the list are of the requested type.

the receiver object.

if the receiver object is not an instance of the erasure of type T0 .

Create a copy of the receiver object.

Create a copy of the receiver object.

The default implementation of the method is platform dependent.

a copy of the receiver object.

not specified by SLS as a member of AnyRef

Tests whether the argument ( arg0 ) is a reference to the receiver object ( this ).

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